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Winslow Interior Finishes beautiful kitchen

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Winslow Interior Finishes

The most sociable hub in any home, the kitchen is always the central room servicing households of all sizes day-to-day; a focal point for the family and entertaining with friends.

The biggest investment made to any home is the kitchen, repainting with a fresh colour scheme will bring life back to an existing kitchen without the cost of replacement and vibrancy to new.

Traditional hand painting requires exceptional skill and technical knowledge of oil and water-based paint techniques, to attain a 'brush-free' quality to any furniture surface.

Meticulous surface preparation is also paramount to achieving an exceptional quality finish.

Our service includes:

  • Only the unit doors will be removed, so the unit contents will not require emptying prior to works starting


  • The unit doors can be painted on or off-site. Off-site, the doors are carefully removed, prepared and painted at the Winslow workshop


  • All existing ironmongery is removed to maintain the best finish possible


  • Each unit thoroughly cleaned (degreased in existing kitchens only), sanded and gently washed down to ensure excess dust is removed

  • Any holes, dents or imperfections within the unit are filled, where possible

  • Depending on the wood or surface finish of the unit, a colour-toned primer/undercoat will be applied, as often new unit designs are fitted pre-primed and underrated, in a matched tint to the top coat colour. Where this is not the case, this step will be undertaken inclusively, attaining to reach the true depth and vibrancy of your chosen surface colour


  • A second light sanding is given between each coat, ensuring the removal of excess dust and residue


  • A minimum of 2 top coats is necessary for more neutral tones; 3 to 4 on some deeper colours may be required

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