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Winslow interior finishes furniture


and panelling

Winslow Interior Finishes Watermark

Restore and rejuvenate a tired piece of furniture, ignite colour to an old wardrobe or create a feature wall with contrasting wooden panelling.

Winslow will evoke a fresh influence and elegance to free-standing or fitted bedroom or bathroom furniture and craftsmanship to an up-cycled favoured family piece.

Why replace when you can rejuvenate furniture with colour?

Traditional hand painting requires exceptional skill and technical knowledge of oil and water-based paint techniques, to attain a 'brush-free' quality to any furniture surface.

Meticulous surface preparation is paramount to achieving an exceptional quality finish.

Our service includes:

  • All existing ironmongery, where possible, is removed to maintain the best finish possible

  • The subject area is thoroughly cleaned, sanded and gently washed down to ensure excess dust is removed

  • Imperfections and indentations within the subject surface are filled where possible

  • Dependent upon the subject surface material, a colour-toned primer/undercoat will be applied 

  • A further light sanding is given between each coat, ensuring the removal of excess dust and residue

  • A minimum of 2 top coats is necessary for neutral tones; 3 to 4 coats on some deeper colours may be required

  • Furniture can be collected, or delivered directly to the Winslow workshop to be prepared, painted and then returned to you. Alternatively, works can be completed on-site, in your home.

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