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Winslow Interior Finishes colour consultation



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Selecting colour is personal. It isn't simply about choosing a colour for your chosen furniture, each aspect of the surrounding space ascertains careful consideration too.

With kitchens, Winslow will discuss the style and atmosphere you wish to create, from walls and ceiling colour, to the type of dominant colour of your worktops, floor surface and the natural or artificial lighting within the room. Each element is considered, as it can affect the visual perception and warmth of the final chosen colour palette.

Every detail is accounted for, including the colours of on-surface accessories, crockery and glassware, soft furnishings, artwork and furniture style; each taken into careful consideration to ensure the perfect colour match.

A selection of colour charts from several leading quality paint brands, with large painted samples are available to help you appreciate your final chosen colour combination.

Paint Samples
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