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Winslow Interior Finishes are masters in traditional hand painting and advocates in the ancient craft of Venetian Marble Plaster, creating unique and bespoke surface coverings; transforming interior spaces.

Masters in traditional hand painting, Winslow Interior Finishes will evoke a fresh influence to new or existing cabinetry with colour, restoring and rejuvenating any kitchen unit, utility island or furniture at considerably less cost than replacement.


With every finish bespoke to its surface surroundings, Venetian Marble Plaster is an ancient applied craft that will create breathtaking finishes in any environment, be it commercial or residential.

Selecting colour is personal. It isn't simply about choosing a colour for your furniture, it involves ensuring that each element of the surrounding space ascertains careful consideration.

Paint Samples

Curious to know how we can help you? Get in touch and we'll happily visit you to discuss your requirements, without any obligation.

If accurate room plans and/or sufficient images are sent in advance, initial quotations will be written accordingly based upon the information supplied.

However, colour consultations will require an on-site visit; an inclusive service as part of our quote.

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